Jon Brennan

Cinematic music and sound design for film, games and advertising




Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Hate Crimes in the Heartland

Hate Crimes in the Heartland



Jacob's Paradox

Jacob's Paradox

Cliff Young and the Great Race

Cliff Young and Great Race



Curiosity Advertising - Music

Cinematic Turbo Charger

Music and Sound Design

Dinosaurs of the Deep

Adventure Aquarium - New Jersey - Music


Procter & Gamble - Sound Design

Stephen King “Revival”

Simon & Schuster - Sound Mix

AAA "Jump Start"

Sunrise Advertising - Sound Design

Lucky Looms

Crispin Porter + Bogusky - Sound Design

Secret Outlast Xtend

Proctor & Gamble - Sound Design

Pantene Air Spray

Procter & Gamble - Sound Design


Jon Brennan

Jon is a music composer and sound designer for film, games and advertising. As a composer he is known for the films Dusk, Imaginary Friends, and Hate Crimes in the Heartland (featuring Jesse Jackson). Jon's music has been featured in award winning independent films and animations at film festivals from Los Angeles to Zlin, Czech Republic. He has written music for national brands including, Southwest Airlines, GE Aviation, P&G's Downy Brand, Mentos, Pitney Bowes and NCR.


Jon has an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College in Chicago. At Columbia Jon studied with Disney Music Production Vice President Andy Hill, and veteran film composers, Gary Chang, Hummie Mann and David McHugh. Jon interned with Los Angeles film composer Jeff Rona and conducted his thesis film score at Capitol Records in Hollywood.

Prior to graduate school, Jon managed all audio services at Curtis Inc.  He produced the album, Hearts and Minds by Josh Hisle released on Vapor / Warner Brother Records and published four songs in the CSNY film Déjà Vu. Jon started his career working in public radio at WVXU and WGUC.

Jon resides in Cincinnati Ohio with his wife Katy and three children. As an advisor and guest lecturer, Jon enjoys sharing his love of music and audio with students at Northern Kentucky University.


Film and Animation - IMDB

Imaginary Friends Directed by Jason C Brown - Try Film Productions - 2016 - Comedy - Short Film

Thanatophobia Directed by Peter Dimako - Synchronicity Pictures - 2016 - Short Film

Jacob's Paradox Directed by Michael Peake - Plum Street Productions - 2015 - Short Film

Dusk Directed by Michael Maney - Dog Day Films - 2014 - Feature Film

Hate Crimes in the Heartland - Directed by Rachel Lyon - Lioness Media Arts Inc - 2014 - Feature Documentary

Cliff Young and the Great Race - Directed by Iris Ichishita - Hallmark Spirit Clips - 2013 - Short Documentary

What I Love About This City: L.A. - Hallmark Spirit Clips - 2013 - Documentary - Los Angeles California

Camp Harmony - Hallmark Spirit Clips - 2013 - Documentary - Los Angeles California

Menace - Gustavo Martin - 2012 - Short Film - Chicago Illinois

3 a.m. - Sahil Sharma - 2011 - Short Film - Cincinnati Ohio

Checking Out - Brian Lazarte - 2009 - Short Film - Los Angeles California

3 for Anna - Greg Emmerth - 2008 - Short Film - Los Angeles California

Heart of the Matter - Greg Emmerth - 2007 - Short Film - Los Angeles California

Working Stiff - Holly Magnani - 2006 - Short Film - Dayton Ohio

Drip - Nick Lanzillota - 2005 - Feature Film - Cincinnati Ohio

Why - Cecilia Tangblad - 2001 - Animation - London England

Spider Girl - Cecilia Tangblad - 2001 - Animation - London England


Match Point - Jolly Crouton Media Ltd. - Austin Huebner - 2018

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